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Director, Producer & Screenwriter

I was born in Mexico City, and its urban setting has always been a source of inspiration for me.


I earned my degree from Tecnológico  de Monterrey and furthered my studies in screenwriting and directing at Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. During those years, I embarked on my initial projects, experimented with my artistic style, and had the privilege of meeting remarkable colleagues and mentors.


I wrote, produced, and directed my debut film, "No Todos Somos Iguales," with the support of the Mexican Cinema Promotion Program (FOCINE). The film will premiere in June 2025 at 250 theaters across Mexico and the United States.

As a producer for "Síncopa," I played a pivotable role in managing the crew and budget while shooting between Mexico City and New York. The film premiered in 2023 and received positive reviews. I also contributed to the production of "God is a Bullet," directed by the legendary Nick Cassavetes, and learned from esteemed figures in American cinema such as Kim Winther, who served as my mentor during the production.

In the realm of television, I worked on the production team of "The Manny" and "War Next Door S2" for Netflix, both of which ranked as the #1 top television series in Mexico for several weeks after release. 


I have worked extensively as a producer and director in advertisement, collaborating on commercials for brands such as the NFL, Taco Bell, and Charro Beer. 


+52 (55) 48701006

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